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The reason Devil Forced to visit the Rosulullah SAW

When we were with the Prophet Muhammad at the residence of a friend Ansar, was suddenly heard someone call from outside the house: "O inhabitants of the house, can I go? Because you will need me. "

Prophet said: "Do you know who's calling?"
We answered: "Allah and His Apostle know better."

He continued, "That's the devil, curse of Allah with him."
Umar bin Khattab said: "Let me kill him, O Messenger of Allah".

The Prophet held: "Patience, O Umar, do not you know that God gave him a chance until the Day of Resurrection? Better to open the door for her, because she had been ordered by God for this, understand what he wanted to say and listen well. "

Ibn Abbas RA said, then the door opened, it turns out he's like a grandfather one eye defects. On the beard hairs there are 7 such as horse hair, fangs look like fangs pig, cow lips like a lip.

He said: "Greetings to you Mohammed. Greetings to you the audience ... "
Prophet then said: "Greetings belong only to Allah, as a creature accursed, what is your need?"

He said: "O Muhammad, I came here not for my will, but out of necessity."

"Who made you?"
An angel of the messenger of God has come to me and said:
"Allah commands you to come to Mohammed as he bowed diri.beritahu Muhammad about your way of teasing people. jawabalah truthfully all questions. By the greatness of God, if you lie once, then God will make you dust in the wind. "

"Therefore, I now come to you. Ask what you want to ask. If I lie, I will be abused by any enemy. Nothing that happened to me instead of lashing greatest enemy. "

People Who Hated Devil
Prophet Muhammad then asked the devil: "If you're honest, most people who hate you?"
Satan immediately replied: "You, you and people like you are the creatures of God the most I hate."

"Who's next?"
"Youth who fear that gives him the service of Allah."

"Then who else?"
"People Aliim and wara '(Loyal)"

"Then who else?"
"People are always purification."

"Who else?"
"A devotee who patiently and never complained kesulitannnya kepda others."

"What sign of patience?"
"O Muhammad, if he does not complain about the difficulty to others for 3 days, God will reward those who wait."

"What's next?"
"Wealthy people are thankful."

"What kesyukurannya sign?"
"He took his fortune from his place, and removing it also from its place."

"A man like Abu Bakr what you think?"
"He never menurutiku in the ignorant, especially in Islam."

"Umar ibn Khattab?"
"By God every encounter with him I'd run away."

"Usman bin Affan?"
"I'm embarrassed to someone who was ashamed of her angels."

"Ali bin Abi Talib?"
"I wish him congratulations for my head, and hoped he released me and I let it go. but he will not want to do that. "(Ali ibn Abi Talib obtaining dhikr of Allah SWT)

Practice Which Can Hurting Devil
"What do you feel when you see someone from my people who want to pray?"
"I feel hot and cold and trembling."

"Because, every one servant 1x prostrate to Allah, Allah raised 1 degree."

"If a fast my people?"
"My body feels bound until he broke."

"If he is on pilgrimage?"
"I'm like a madman."

"If he read the Koran?"
"I feel like a tin melt over the fire."

"If he give alms?"
"It's the same person cut my body with a chainsaw."

"Why is that?"
"Because there are 4 in a charity benefit for him. That blessing in his wealth, his favorite, a charity that will become veil between him and the fire of hell and all kinds of misfortune are dispelled from him. "

"What can break your waist?"
"The sound war-horse in the way of Allah."

"What can melt your body?"
"Taubat those who repent."

"What can burn your heart?"
"Istighfar at the time of day and night."

"What can smear your face?"
"Alms are silent - silent."

"What can stab your eyes?"
"Prayers of dawn."

"What can beat your head?"
"Prayer in congregation."

"What is most bothering you?"
"Assembly of the clergy."

"How do your eating?"
"With his left hand and my finger."

"Where are you sheltering a child - your son in the summer?"
"Under the human nail."

Man Become the Devil's
The Prophet then asked: "Who's your friend, O Satan?"
"Eater of usury."

"Who's your friend?"

"Who was your sleep?"

"Who's your guest?"

"Who is your messenger?"

"What makes you happy?"
"Sworn to the divorce."

"Who's your boyfriend?"
"People are leaving Friday prayers"

"Who is the happiest man you?"
"People who leave prayers intentionally."

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