Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

This is the Name of Drug Injury Spray To Relieve Ball Players


This spray is a chemical which when in contact with skin causes cold reaction. The cold was used as a pain reliever, but actually it also serves to stop the bleeding, "said dr.Michael Triangto, Sp.OK from RS Mitra Kemayoran Jakarta.

His name was Ethyl Chlor. In addition to the sports world, pain relief spray is also used by dentists and surgeons. The dentist often use the drug to reduce bleeding during a root pull a tooth milk tooth not too deep.

While the surgeon uses to manipulate the drug acts to be performed, for example, treat an abscess that is ripe but not be injected.

According dr.Michael, using ethyl chlor is part of handling an injury is called RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). "Ice or cold pack is just one factor because of its urgent.

After the match, three other factors do, that player must rest, the injury bandaged and raise the injured body part higher to reduce pain and swelling, "he said.

In athletes, the handling of injury was also combined with medication, physiotherapy, and sports teraphy for strengthening muscles and stretching for back muscles limber.

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