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Crocodile And Fish In A Body

If we look at the picture above, surely you would answer it is a crocodile. But look closer, look good either. Long snout and sharp teeth. Can reach 3 meters in length and weighs 100 kg. Who would have thought if it is a fish. Crocodile Fish Exactly. Let us consider the following picture carefully.

If Trust is A Fish? Not the Crocodile? His comments then?

David Copperfield ...... Agreement With Devil

David Copperfield started playing magic since the age of 12 years, and became the youngest magician accepted as a member of the Society of American Magicians. When aged 16, University of New York had invited him to teach the course magic. The name "David Copperfield" taken from a fictional character named David Copperfield that appear in the same novel, David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. At the age of 19, Copperfield has performed great in the Pagoda Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Most Copperfield appearance of television and special events as a guest star in television shows. On the big screen, Copperfield never played as Ken the magician in a horror film Terror Train production in 1980. Additionally, Copperfield has appeared as extras in the film Pret-à-Porter (1984), but his name is not included in the list of players.

In 1982, Copperfield founded Project Magic Foundation to help rehabilitate patients who have paralyzed hand with the movement to teach magic as a method of physical therapy. The methods developed are accredited by the American Occupational Therapy Association, and is used in more than 1,100 hospitals in 30 countries around the world.

In 1996, Copperfield wrote fiction anthology titled David Copperfield's Tales of the Impossible that takes the background world magic and illusion. In writing the book Copperfield cooperate Dean Koontz, Joyce Carol Oates, Ray Bradbury, and other team members. In the following year published the second volume, David Copperfield's Beyond Imagination (1997).

Copperfield has the International Museum and Library of Art Magic in Las Vegas, Nevada. The museum was founded as an effort to preserve the history of art Copperfield magic, and magic collection of antique tools, books, and objects relating to the art of magic. Each year, David Copperfield perform more than 550 performances around the world.


Below is a letter of agreement later allegedly committed by "a wizard with representatives of the devil" who named Asmodeus and writings contained in the letter is written to men, but is copnya Cop Jin. But actually Jin has been toying with humans. Cop contained in this letter is not representative of the devil cop, not even cops' Ifrit, of the most powerful type of Jin. He is an evil genie belongs ordinary cop.

Below is also a spoken letter of agreement between "Satan with O'Ryan Greenfield" a wizard of the west. Actually the letter is authentic agreement between a magician with a four-Jin who clearly stated their signature, which is then amplified by the cops' Ifrit.
Well perhaps David Copperfield letter agreement will jauh2 gan ga same letter that the above agreement

David Copperfield Secret

David Copperfield is practicing witchcraft. That is why he can do anything even fly. Kehebohannya is when he removes the statue of Liberty in a few seconds. David Copperfield is actually very popular among the Jinn. He has an agreement with one of his' Ifrit. 'Ifrit has thousands of troops in number. It is they who raised Copperfield. So he could go up slightly in the air, it takes thousands of jinn to lift it.

And again one skill, which he cut a girl in the chest, is a female genie who appeared in the form of a human girl. He disappeared, then showed her back without the slightest sign of injury. It is possible Copperfield has made the same agreement as above. And Allaah knows best.

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4. Book Dialogue With Muslim Jin

8 People Who Allegedly Making Agreement With the Devil

There are rumors that someone had sold their souls to the devil. Musicians, writers, businessmen, often accused of making a deal with the devil in order to become successful. There are some famous examples out there that shows that someone has been accused of making a deal with the devil. 

1. Niccolo Paganini
Niccolo Paganini is a musician in the late 1700s. He began studying violin at age 7 years. At the age of 27 years he had become a composer, a time when he was in a tour concert, the audience were surprised with the way he dressed, he had lost teeth down, looking pale and began to dress in black. That's the rumor that he had sold his soul to the devil. Although he does not acknowledge the rumor, he did not do anything to prevent the rumor and even encourage people to believe. When he was asked about it, he said, "how else Would it be possible for him to play the way he does?" May 27, 1840, Paganini died of internal bleeding

2. Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson was a blues musician who has lived his life with the brief. He died at the age of 27 years and not much is known about his life. He was one of the first musicians who entered the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. Someone told him to bring the guitar to the Crossroads at midnight near the Dockery Plantation. When he arrived, the demon waits and takes his guitar. Satan set up the guitar and play a few songs on it. When he handed it back to Robert, the agreement was made and he was able to sing, play and create the blues. Johnson died on August 16, 1938, at age 27, near Greenwood, Mississippi, there are rumors saying that he killed his own wife was poisoned.

3. Johann Georg Faust
Johann Georg Faust was a German chemist. In 1507, he said that he is a liar and a bum. He is said to have been abused by some boys in Kreuznach. Year 1509, he later obtained a degree in the University of Krakow, he studied magic and make friends with Martin Luther and Philip Melachton. Both men said it has witnessed Johan is making a pact with the devil.
He worked at the University Ehrfut, where it was said that he lectured on Homer and lift a witch as a hero for his students. He then was asked to resign and offer repentance. That's when he admitted to having an agreement with the devil. He said to Dr Klinge, a Franciscan monk, that he believed Satan more than God. 

4. Urbain Grandier
Urbain Grandier was a French Catholic priest. He was burned at the stake for committing the crime of witchcraft. In 1603, several nuns accused of bewitching them and send the devil to commit unspeakable acts with them. According to legend, he entered into an agreement with the declared his loyalty to the devil and rejection of Christianity. This agreement is written down in Latin and is still stored for viewing at the Bibliotheque Nationale in France. Here are the contents of the text deal with the devil:
5. Paus Silvester II
Paus Sylvester II was one man of genius. Experienced in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, and mechanics, he managed to find a hydraulic organ, clock pendulum, and introduced Arabic numerals to Western Europe. Pope Sylvester II was the first pope to France and of course the most important in the 10th century. After his death, rumors began flying that the intelligence is great - and, consequently inventive genius - is the result of a pact with the devil.

6. Gilles De Rais
Born in one of the most famous family in Brittany, her father died when she was little. He found himself with untold wealth and power that ultimately destroyed. Gilles had an attack that eventually led to the loss of much wealth. In desperation he began to experiment with the occult under the direction of a man named Francesco Prelati, who promised that Gilles could get back his wealth at the expense of children to a demon called the "Baron." 

7. Jonathan Moulton
Jonathan Moulton began his career in New England into the Army. He married in 1749 and became the father of 11 children. He became one of the richest men in New Hampshire and this causes further tales of his contract with the devil. popular belief at the time was that Moulton has a covenant with the devil where he will fill the shoes Moulton with gold pieces once a month in exchange for his soul. It is said that Moulton think a smart way of putting shoes with soles cut. Satan wonders why he took so much gold to fill the shoes. It is believed that when Moulton died his body disappeared from the coffin and replaced by a coin box stamped with the image of Satan. coffin to be buried without a grave marker and its location is unknown.

8. Giuseppe Tartini
Tartini was the Italian composer and violinist. He is one of the most important composers of music after writing more than 400 works. Tartini allegedly told the French astronomer Jérôme Lalande that he dreamed that the Devil appeared to him and asked to become his servant. In the dream Tartini handed his violin to the devil to test the skills of the demons that play. When awake he immediately wrote sonatas, but he did not remember everything he hears in a dream. Although the sonata that he has made a success, Tartini complained that parts of it are still far from what he heard in his dream.

The reason Devil Forced to visit the Rosulullah SAW

When we were with the Prophet Muhammad at the residence of a friend Ansar, was suddenly heard someone call from outside the house: "O inhabitants of the house, can I go? Because you will need me. "

Prophet said: "Do you know who's calling?"
We answered: "Allah and His Apostle know better."

He continued, "That's the devil, curse of Allah with him."
Umar bin Khattab said: "Let me kill him, O Messenger of Allah".

The Prophet held: "Patience, O Umar, do not you know that God gave him a chance until the Day of Resurrection? Better to open the door for her, because she had been ordered by God for this, understand what he wanted to say and listen well. "

Ibn Abbas RA said, then the door opened, it turns out he's like a grandfather one eye defects. On the beard hairs there are 7 such as horse hair, fangs look like fangs pig, cow lips like a lip.

He said: "Greetings to you Mohammed. Greetings to you the audience ... "
Prophet then said: "Greetings belong only to Allah, as a creature accursed, what is your need?"

He said: "O Muhammad, I came here not for my will, but out of necessity."

"Who made you?"
An angel of the messenger of God has come to me and said:
"Allah commands you to come to Mohammed as he bowed diri.beritahu Muhammad about your way of teasing people. jawabalah truthfully all questions. By the greatness of God, if you lie once, then God will make you dust in the wind. "

"Therefore, I now come to you. Ask what you want to ask. If I lie, I will be abused by any enemy. Nothing that happened to me instead of lashing greatest enemy. "

People Who Hated Devil
Prophet Muhammad then asked the devil: "If you're honest, most people who hate you?"
Satan immediately replied: "You, you and people like you are the creatures of God the most I hate."

"Who's next?"
"Youth who fear that gives him the service of Allah."

"Then who else?"
"People Aliim and wara '(Loyal)"

"Then who else?"
"People are always purification."

"Who else?"
"A devotee who patiently and never complained kesulitannnya kepda others."

"What sign of patience?"
"O Muhammad, if he does not complain about the difficulty to others for 3 days, God will reward those who wait."

"What's next?"
"Wealthy people are thankful."

"What kesyukurannya sign?"
"He took his fortune from his place, and removing it also from its place."

"A man like Abu Bakr what you think?"
"He never menurutiku in the ignorant, especially in Islam."

"Umar ibn Khattab?"
"By God every encounter with him I'd run away."

"Usman bin Affan?"
"I'm embarrassed to someone who was ashamed of her angels."

"Ali bin Abi Talib?"
"I wish him congratulations for my head, and hoped he released me and I let it go. but he will not want to do that. "(Ali ibn Abi Talib obtaining dhikr of Allah SWT)

Practice Which Can Hurting Devil
"What do you feel when you see someone from my people who want to pray?"
"I feel hot and cold and trembling."

"Because, every one servant 1x prostrate to Allah, Allah raised 1 degree."

"If a fast my people?"
"My body feels bound until he broke."

"If he is on pilgrimage?"
"I'm like a madman."

"If he read the Koran?"
"I feel like a tin melt over the fire."

"If he give alms?"
"It's the same person cut my body with a chainsaw."

"Why is that?"
"Because there are 4 in a charity benefit for him. That blessing in his wealth, his favorite, a charity that will become veil between him and the fire of hell and all kinds of misfortune are dispelled from him. "

"What can break your waist?"
"The sound war-horse in the way of Allah."

"What can melt your body?"
"Taubat those who repent."

"What can burn your heart?"
"Istighfar at the time of day and night."

"What can smear your face?"
"Alms are silent - silent."

"What can stab your eyes?"
"Prayers of dawn."

"What can beat your head?"
"Prayer in congregation."

"What is most bothering you?"
"Assembly of the clergy."

"How do your eating?"
"With his left hand and my finger."

"Where are you sheltering a child - your son in the summer?"
"Under the human nail."

Man Become the Devil's
The Prophet then asked: "Who's your friend, O Satan?"
"Eater of usury."

"Who's your friend?"

"Who was your sleep?"

"Who's your guest?"

"Who is your messenger?"

"What makes you happy?"
"Sworn to the divorce."

"Who's your boyfriend?"
"People are leaving Friday prayers"

"Who is the happiest man you?"
"People who leave prayers intentionally."

Here Often For Medical Experiments Using a Rat?

It turned out that mice have a significant role in medical experiments. Starting from the formulation of new cancer drugs to test dietary supplements, the mice play an important role in the new medical miracle.

In fact, according to the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR), 95% of lab animals are mice. Scientists and researchers rely on mice for several reasons. One of these, rodents are small, easily stored and maintained and can adapt well to new environments.

These animals breed rapidly and short-lived (2-3 years) so that several generations of mice can be observed in a short time.

In addition, mice are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk from commercial manufacturers breeding of rodents for research. Generally, mice are obedient and easy to handle animal researchers, although there is some kind of difficult to handle.

Most medical laboratory mice are genetically almost identical, except for gender. According to the National Human Genome Research Institute, it helps a uniform result of medical experiments. As a minimum, the mice had the same race.

Another reason rats were used as a model of medical tests is their genetic, biological and behavioral characteristics very similar to humans, and many symptoms of the human condition can be replicated in rats.

"Rats are mammals that have a lot of processes such as humans and can be used to answer the question a lot of research," said representatives of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Laboratory Welfare Jenny Haliski.

Over the last two decades, the similarity is even stronger. Now, scientists can develop a 'transgenic mice' who carry similar genes cause human diseases. Rats also make research efficient because of anatomy, physiology and genes are well understood by researchers.

Some mice SCID (severe combined immune deficiency) are naturally born without immune systems and can become a model study of normal and malignant human tissues. Here are examples of human disorders in which rats were used as a model.

Hypertension, diabetes, cataracts, obesity, seizures, respiratory problems, deafness, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cancer, cystic fibrosis, HIV and AIDS, heart disease, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury.

Rats are also used for anti-addiction drug testing of potentially ending drug addiction.

"Using animals is important for scientific understanding of biomedical systems that lead to medication, therapy and healing is useful," said Haliski.

Glow Glow = Nails Dead

There are over 2,000 species of fireflies, which is actually a beetle with wings. Firefly glow even when they are still a small larvae. Wink their pallor, light lime acts as a warning to predators. Many firefly larvae contain chemicals that are unpleasant or toxic to animals and humans, according to a study by researchers at Tufts University.

This light is the result of mixing of oxygen, pigment called luciferin. Enzyme luciferase, a chemical called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a cell that provides energy, according to researchers at Harvard Medical School. Uric acid crystals, which is located in the cells can be activated to make the light, acting as a reflective layer and shine of the whole insect body.
However, the pattern of blinking fireflies stomach it remains a mystery, in which scientists are not sure whether this pattern is controlled by nerve cells of insect or oxygen supply. But scientists know what to blink it. Adult firefly light signal issued disjointed to attract the attention of couples in the future.

Blink pattern that varies from short to long continuous sequences, and species of fireflies have different own unique light, making it easier for couples who find it suitable to each other.

Firefly Both male and female green light them when choosing a partner, and use their flashing lights as a means to communicate during courtship.
Besides firefly, many other organisms, especially sea creatures, using light emissions to sexual selection, attract prey and as a means of camouflage. There are an estimated 90 percent of deep-sea animals have light, according to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

The mechanism of luminous fireflies usually show some information for example about his life. Because the light from its tail and may because of the limitations of the information society "ancient" then comes the story of the myth of the old people who call fireflies bring "nail the dead".

This is the Name of Drug Injury Spray To Relieve Ball Players


This spray is a chemical which when in contact with skin causes cold reaction. The cold was used as a pain reliever, but actually it also serves to stop the bleeding, "said dr.Michael Triangto, Sp.OK from RS Mitra Kemayoran Jakarta.

His name was Ethyl Chlor. In addition to the sports world, pain relief spray is also used by dentists and surgeons. The dentist often use the drug to reduce bleeding during a root pull a tooth milk tooth not too deep.

While the surgeon uses to manipulate the drug acts to be performed, for example, treat an abscess that is ripe but not be injected.

According dr.Michael, using ethyl chlor is part of handling an injury is called RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). "Ice or cold pack is just one factor because of its urgent.

After the match, three other factors do, that player must rest, the injury bandaged and raise the injured body part higher to reduce pain and swelling, "he said.

In athletes, the handling of injury was also combined with medication, physiotherapy, and sports teraphy for strengthening muscles and stretching for back muscles limber.

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