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8 People Who Allegedly Making Agreement With the Devil

There are rumors that someone had sold their souls to the devil. Musicians, writers, businessmen, often accused of making a deal with the devil in order to become successful. There are some famous examples out there that shows that someone has been accused of making a deal with the devil. 

1. Niccolo Paganini
Niccolo Paganini is a musician in the late 1700s. He began studying violin at age 7 years. At the age of 27 years he had become a composer, a time when he was in a tour concert, the audience were surprised with the way he dressed, he had lost teeth down, looking pale and began to dress in black. That's the rumor that he had sold his soul to the devil. Although he does not acknowledge the rumor, he did not do anything to prevent the rumor and even encourage people to believe. When he was asked about it, he said, "how else Would it be possible for him to play the way he does?" May 27, 1840, Paganini died of internal bleeding

2. Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson was a blues musician who has lived his life with the brief. He died at the age of 27 years and not much is known about his life. He was one of the first musicians who entered the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. Someone told him to bring the guitar to the Crossroads at midnight near the Dockery Plantation. When he arrived, the demon waits and takes his guitar. Satan set up the guitar and play a few songs on it. When he handed it back to Robert, the agreement was made and he was able to sing, play and create the blues. Johnson died on August 16, 1938, at age 27, near Greenwood, Mississippi, there are rumors saying that he killed his own wife was poisoned.

3. Johann Georg Faust
Johann Georg Faust was a German chemist. In 1507, he said that he is a liar and a bum. He is said to have been abused by some boys in Kreuznach. Year 1509, he later obtained a degree in the University of Krakow, he studied magic and make friends with Martin Luther and Philip Melachton. Both men said it has witnessed Johan is making a pact with the devil.
He worked at the University Ehrfut, where it was said that he lectured on Homer and lift a witch as a hero for his students. He then was asked to resign and offer repentance. That's when he admitted to having an agreement with the devil. He said to Dr Klinge, a Franciscan monk, that he believed Satan more than God. 

4. Urbain Grandier
Urbain Grandier was a French Catholic priest. He was burned at the stake for committing the crime of witchcraft. In 1603, several nuns accused of bewitching them and send the devil to commit unspeakable acts with them. According to legend, he entered into an agreement with the declared his loyalty to the devil and rejection of Christianity. This agreement is written down in Latin and is still stored for viewing at the Bibliotheque Nationale in France. Here are the contents of the text deal with the devil:
5. Paus Silvester II
Paus Sylvester II was one man of genius. Experienced in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, and mechanics, he managed to find a hydraulic organ, clock pendulum, and introduced Arabic numerals to Western Europe. Pope Sylvester II was the first pope to France and of course the most important in the 10th century. After his death, rumors began flying that the intelligence is great - and, consequently inventive genius - is the result of a pact with the devil.

6. Gilles De Rais
Born in one of the most famous family in Brittany, her father died when she was little. He found himself with untold wealth and power that ultimately destroyed. Gilles had an attack that eventually led to the loss of much wealth. In desperation he began to experiment with the occult under the direction of a man named Francesco Prelati, who promised that Gilles could get back his wealth at the expense of children to a demon called the "Baron." 

7. Jonathan Moulton
Jonathan Moulton began his career in New England into the Army. He married in 1749 and became the father of 11 children. He became one of the richest men in New Hampshire and this causes further tales of his contract with the devil. popular belief at the time was that Moulton has a covenant with the devil where he will fill the shoes Moulton with gold pieces once a month in exchange for his soul. It is said that Moulton think a smart way of putting shoes with soles cut. Satan wonders why he took so much gold to fill the shoes. It is believed that when Moulton died his body disappeared from the coffin and replaced by a coin box stamped with the image of Satan. coffin to be buried without a grave marker and its location is unknown.

8. Giuseppe Tartini
Tartini was the Italian composer and violinist. He is one of the most important composers of music after writing more than 400 works. Tartini allegedly told the French astronomer Jérôme Lalande that he dreamed that the Devil appeared to him and asked to become his servant. In the dream Tartini handed his violin to the devil to test the skills of the demons that play. When awake he immediately wrote sonatas, but he did not remember everything he hears in a dream. Although the sonata that he has made a success, Tartini complained that parts of it are still far from what he heard in his dream.

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