Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

We Probably Have It In No Swallowing Being Conscious

Because the size is very small and difficult to be seen with the naked eye, fleas are often unknowingly inhaled by us through the air and dust are more scattered around us, even some may have been ingested with food and drinks available.

1. Dust Mite who used to live on the couch and bed sheets.
At first we may not be how shocked or horrified when hearing the bacteria in tiny dust was inhaled. But what is more terrifying when we see how they actually form. Your mind will immediately reminded of a picture as aliens and monsters are scary horror.

This is the work of science photography competition winner Steve Gschmeissner 61-year-old who has managed to capture some dust mite and lice food is very small in size, and very difficult to be detected is also visible to the naked eye.

2. Ticks usually live in the fur of cats and dogs.
The Daily Mail says Steve Gschmeissner perpetuate these horrific creatures with a camera equipped with zoom microscope capable of increasing the size of up to hundreds of hundred times.

Still according to Steve Gschmeissner, dust mite is common to stay on the couch, chairs, curtains of our bed linen and clothes and a jacket that hung dolls also our children, not at all horrible. 
3. Ticks usually live on bread and cakes that are not wrapped in a hygienic packaging

It turns out our daily accompanied by horror creatures like this monster. Some ticks that successfully immortalized Steve Gschmeissner namely food lice, who used to live on cereal or food that is not packaged properly. 

4. Photos of green fly larvae (maggots) are enlarged to 100 x zoom
Steve Gschmeissner also managed to photograph a green aka maggot fly larvae visible from the proximity and very clear, well really horrible, just like a spooky alien creatures and scary.

Come let us keep good personal and environmental hygiene us for our always far from terrible creatures that are vulnerable to bring this disease.

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