Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

This is what the Labor Process Exit From Ants eggs

Life ant starts from an egg. If the egg is fertilized (progeny), it will be female (diploid), if not, then the sex will be male (haploid). Ants evolved with complete metamorphosis with larval stages through the pupal stage before emerging as adults. These larvae generally move and fed and cared for by workers.

Food given to larvae with trophallaxis, a process in which ants suck the liquid food of plants. Ant workers spent several days in the care of the life of the queen and young ants. Then after adult ant task to dig and work in another nest, and to defend the nest and find food.
Start close to the egg.
First, ant eggs hired, will be taken first to semutnya issued.
Here, we see the eyes of a new ant.
The top of the hollowed egg assisted another worker ant
Precisely on the side of his head, a worker make an incision in the loop

And finally the ant is assisted out of the egg. Wah-wah, an ant can work as neat as this. Humans seem to be ashamed of ya.
Now it's time to straighten the legs and licked. Finally all the legs straightened. He sat silent a few minutes, until used to the new sensation.
"First Movement" - And, behold, he stood! newborn ant is unable to walk, they stumbled, sometimes even trapped in his legs and continued to fall, but after several hours of trying new the little ant legs are able menontrol well.
"Just step the little ants" - Still need a few days for the tiny ant to learn to walk and work to build a nest larvae feed. It may take several months until finally the little ants are able to leave the nest to hunt just bangai, candied sugar. Well, during which he will be guided by the brother-brother and his older brothers in the nest.

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